One Size Fit All! Motorcycle Driving Lights

I just received a set of your driving lights for my Stryker.  I gotta say, they are awesome!  Great build quality and very simple to set up.” Jerry, PA (Yamaha, Stryker)

Motorcycle Driving Lights

Fit the most common fork tube sizes on US and Metric Bikes:
Fully adjustable Light Bar for MotorcyclesFully adjustable to fit your bike setup and style

Each bike is unique and the Sharplines lights are designed to fit your ride no matter what accessories are on it. The lights can stay upright even with extreme choppers fork angles. The lights can also be mounted upside down for style or clearance. 

Solid locking & seal 

The teeth on each rotation axis allow for fine adjustment yet offer a secure locking mechanism to ensure the lights won't creep out of adjustment over time. Each joint is also sealed to prevent water from getting to the internal wires.

Fit the most common fork tube sizes on US and Metric bikes

Each kit comes with 3 sets of strong weather resistant EPDM rubber sleeves to fit your fork tubes (39, 41 or 49mm). As a matter of fact they fit on any Harley made within the last 20 years that have their fork tubes exposed! The sleeves get compressed by the clamp to create an amazingly strong fit.

Sample list of bikes that accept our lights (check here for more): 

Motorcycle Light Bars for Harley, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki












“The lights look great” Troy, MD (HD Rocker C)