Lights for motorcycles and how better lighting can prevent accidents

Of all the factors affecting motorcycle safety the one having the most influence is motorcycle lighting. A number of studies have shown that the most frequent cause of motorcycle right-of-way accident are caused by other drivers not seeing incoming motorcycles. And if you have ever been in this type of accident you have likely hear the other driver report to the authority “He came out of nowhere”.

This fact resulted in the industry moving to always-on lights for motorcycles in the late 70s which greatly reduced motorcycle accidents. The fact remain though that right-of-way violation accidents remain on the top of the chart of motorcycle accidents. Some experts suggest a single headlight isn’t sufficient as many drivers mistake it for a car headlight trying to pass their vehicle. Not realizing the headlight represent the whole vehicle some motorist are tempted to move over to the other lane to prevent the “car” behind them from passing. If you have been riding for long enough you are probably familiar with this phenomenon where some cars move into your lane as you come closer. One way to alleviate this misconception is to add a cluster of lights around the headlight to clearly differentiate motorcycles from other vehicles on the road.

Lights for motorcycles
Having additional motorcycle lighting can actually have the opposite effect to the “car coming into your lane” phenomenon described above. A lot of motorists identify motorcycle driving lights with motorcycle cops and tend to slow down and be on their best behaviors while that motorcycle is passing by.

There are other obvious benefits of adding motorcycle driving lights ranging from providing better visibility to the rider at night, to aesthetics.

Most motorcycle lighting accessories require special mounting bracket specific to the bike brand and model, leaving owners of other models with fewer options. This is why at Sharplines Products we decided to create motorcycle driving lights that are universal by clamping on the unused section of the fork tubes.

Our universal motorcycle driving lights mount to any 39, 41 or 49mm fork tubes and are available in Chrome and Black finish at the link below: