Harley Driving Lights, Lights for Motorcycles

Our driving lights fit on all Harley made within the last 20 years that have their fork tubes exposed!
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The Sharplines Harley driving lights have been engineered to get every ounce of lights projected into an optimum field of view. You'll be amazed at how much better you can see with our lights. And they, of course, also work great at getting you noticed by incoming traffic.
What differentiates our lights from the rest is that they are designed to clamp on the fork tubes of most US and metric cruisers. As a matter of fact they will fit on any Harley made within the last 20 years that have their fork tube exposed.
How is that possible?

Well the answer is in the adjustments built-in to the lights. Our proprietary sealed locking hinges are designed to adjust to any fork angle and go around any obstacles. As a matter of fact there is so much adjustment in the mounts that you can even mount the lights upside down.The adjustment is simple! It only takes half a turn of the hinge screw to move the lights in any position. And thanks to the teeth internal to the hinge, once locked the lights won't creep out of adjustment.
Our specially formulated sticky EPDM rubber sleeves also insure there is no movement on the tubes as well. We've tested the lights in extreme conditions so you can rest assured they will performed as advertised.