FAQ - Lights for Motorcycles

  • Is there a wiring diagram that show how to properly connect the lights to my bike?
  • Just like the installation instructions a copy of the wire diagram comes with each set but if you lost it you can find a copy here: Motorcycle Driving Lights Wiring Diagram
  • Can the driving lights be installed upside down?
  • Yes the driving lights can be installed upside down. One thing to remember though is to rotate the reflectors inside the housings so that the "TOP" marking is at the top, otherwise you will throw too much light at the opposite lane.
  • What if it turns out the driving lights interfere with another item on my bike, can I really get a full refund (including shipping) for my purchase?
  • The short answer is Yes, as long as you meet our full return conditions highlighted on our Shop With Confidence page.
  • When will the Video Camera with GPS be available for purchase?
  • The pre-production run of parts has been completed and looks fantastic and so we are now in the production phase. To be notified when they become available and receive 30% off our list price sign-up for our mailing list.